TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 13: William Shirley – Live Stream

William Shirley, 10 out of 10 on the Armineh Davis Kindness Scale, left us a year ago in a pandemic to pursue his dreams in the very cold state of Michigan. Having been entirely isolated in his apartment for the year, William could not wait to catch up with his TTC family.

This stuff also happens:
Some of the TTC Teens made their #TTCDivaDads return to breakdown Spacegirl the Musical, coming soon. Rodney and Dana recorded TOGETHER, which meant Dana was lucky enough to try Rod’s newest cocktail…. Or was he? Cynthia performer her now iconic Mike Kilgore impression, and we all learned the importance of always saving the last one for Andy.

To a cocktail shaker, add:
2 oz white rum
0.5 oz gunpowder green tea simple syrup*
0.4 oz fresh lime juice
0.4 oz fresh lemon juice
4 drops black lemon bitters or daiquiri bitters
4 drops sea salt saline solution
Shake with ice. You want quite a bit of dilution from your ice, so either shake with wet ice or with some crushed ice in with your larger ice. You could also add 1/3 oz of ice-cold water to your shaker if you do not have wet ice or crushed ice available, or if you simply want more dilution to your daiquiri. Double-strain into a chilled glass. You want to double-strain in order to avoid getting small ice chips in your drink.

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William is originally from Austin, Texas. He first found TTC in 2017 when he auditioned for BIG RIVER. Over the next three years, he participated in three other shows: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, SHE LOVES ME, and ROCK OF AGES. He was also the assistant stage manager for the 2019 production of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW.

William received his bachelor’s degree in Forensic and Investigative Science at Texas A&M University last May, and he moved to East Lansing, Michigan in August. He is currently working on a dual degree program at Michigan State University, pursuing a masters degree in Forensic Chemistry and a PhD in Chemistry. TTC provided a constant home and friendship for William while living in BCS, and he is very thankful for the theatre and all his friends there!



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