TTCDivaDads Episode 16: Kate Mitchell – Live Stream

Kate is a TTC veteran who never lost her obsession with the theatre and its inhabitants. She was in Legally Blonde, Shrek, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rocky Horror Show, and Spamalot, along with many others while she went to Texas A&M. Born and raised in BCS, she quite literally spread her wings and flew right after graduation and became a Flight Attendant. She is now based in New York City and loves every bit of it.

When Kate is not traveling, she can be found working music festivals or other events, and more recently has started dabbling in visual arts. She loves to write, read, create, stand up for what she believes in, and dance everywhere she goes. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @MissAllOverThePlace.

So many parts of her life have been shaped by her time at the theatre, and she loves to celebrate and support the family as it has grown over time. She hopes you enjoy her making a fool of herself this episode, whilst thriving in a situation where she gets to be the center of attention and talk a lot.



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